Football is a fascinating game that leaves very few people around the world indifferent. Watching a football derby gives you a nice feeling while at the same time you have the chance to earn some money with an accurate prediction. This gives extra emotion and adrenaline, but we should not be deceived - addiction could be dangerous.

We at Sports Betting Lad urge you to bet wisely. With our analysis and sound football predictions we will try to help you choose an accurate prediction for major European championships’ football matches, popular football tournaments, as well as major sports tournaments.

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Football Predictions Archive

Where to bet on our football predictions?

Choosing the right bookmaker is equally as important as the very decision to place a bet. We focus on bookmakers licensed by the largest companies in the world. Undoubtedly, the largest and most popular sports betting site is bet365.

The English bookmaker impresses with a great vision for the future, speed, and live events. Among our football tips you will find a prediction with odds from bet365, as well as the possibility to place it as bet it in the bookmaker at the touch of a button.

What are the characteristics of a good football prediction?

The football prediction is a thorough analysis and the point of view of a tipster regarding an upcoming football match, and that’s not all. In many places you will find assumptions about the final outcome of a match, number of goals, etc. However, without an expert’s opinion the predictions mean nothing. Even though this may be a good strategy and enough information for some people, but we beg to differ.

For our professional football predictions we have taken enough time to get acquainted with the facts about the upcoming match of choice. In the additional match preview, you will get details about the rival football teams’ positions, the general shape, ambitions, and issues.

The purpose of the football betting tips is to convey a different view and an expert’s forecast via opinions and facts. When all is said and done, it all depends on the bettor deciding whether to fully trust our analyzed bet or simply absorb additional information that will be of great use for the ultimate prediction.

Which leagues are covered by our football betting tips?

Even if we wanted to, it would not be humanly possible to share an expert’s football prediction for all matches, even if we’re talking solely about the big football championships. Without a doubt, the contested clashes of Europe’s Top 5 football rivalries are the most riveting among all, and that is exactly what we focus on.

Every weekend, selected matches from the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, the French Ligue 1, as well as the German First Bundesliga have a special place in our betting predictions. It is no secret that nowadays matches during the week happen on a rare occasion, but if there are any, you will find them here.

Perhaps some of the most exciting annual football battles take place during the Champions League tournament. In the meantime, the Europa League format and the development of more teams significantly improves the competition. From Tuesday to Thursday you will find football betting tips regarding the playoffs and even the actual final of the two European club tournaments.

Once every four years there is a new World and European Championship. As a result of this, every other summer we focus on a hot summer month filled with tons of football matches, emotions, bets and of course football predictions from Sports Betting Lad.

In conclusion, it should be noted that here you will find analyses and bet tips regarding matches part of various riveting European championships. These include the Dutch Eredivisie, the Russian Premier League, the Turkish Super League, and many more.

What betting markets and odds do our football predictions meet?

For many people, mathematics is not a favorite school subject but it is key when calculating the potential profit from football bets. As mentioned above, we take enough time to analyze the match of choice, so you will not find "reliable predictions with 1.20 odds" here.

We do our best to pinpoint the correct forecast in relation to factor and risk, and only then share it with our audience. The usual rate of our tips will be around 1.75. For the high odds and emotions fans, we also provide a correct score prediction, of which we are relatively good.

For the most part, we are traditionalists when it comes to the betting markets we cover. Most often, our reasonable football predictions are based on the final result, the number of goals or both teams scoring a goal. However, our tipsters are not that set in their ways and you will find other betting opportunities.

Can you make a profit from experts’ football betting tips?

You will not find "100% reliable football predictions" here. We really want this to be the case, but such a thing simply does not exist in the universe. We are professionals and we will try to maintain a high success rate when it comes to our football betting predictions - we believe in this and we are ready to prove it.

We do not force anyone to blindly trust the bet we have pinpointed, but we appeal to own decision-making, as well as to relying on your own perspective on every match. We will be happy if you use the new information correctly and in, ultimately, if you are successful in football betting.

As for the football betting predictions created by the Sports Betting Lad team, we believe in their success. The odds are good enough for a single bet or an accumulator of two, even as far as three matches. This is our strategy for a profitable football betting outcome.

An accumulator with more than three matches brings higher odds and subsequently greater potential profit. However, this is much less likely in the long run and this strategy cannot have a positive impact on football betting balance.

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