What is round betting in boxing?

Round betting in boxing is available at the biggest betting sites. While the bout betting bet is still preferred by sports fans, betting on boxing rounds is gaining in popularity. A bet on round betting in boxing means we wager when the fight will end. The thrill of guessing exactly how the match will turn out is much greater than just guessing who the winner will be.

Betting on boxing rounds brings a bigger payout as the odds are much higher than the fight winner market. Of course, the risk of losing is also greater as the possibilities are many times more. The best boxing round betting sites have thought along these lines and nowadays give their players the option of grouped round betting. Round group betting markets dramatically increase the chance of winning, albeit at lower odds than exact round betting.

How Long are Boxing Rounds?


For successful round betting in boxing, first of all you need to be familiar with how long are boxing rounds. In both amateur boxing and professional boxing, rounds are three minutes long. However, the number of rounds played in each match makes a significant difference that is a must-know.

Amateur boxing is always played in three rounds of three minutes, but in professional boxing the number of rounds is different. Tournament organizers set a different number of rounds for each fight depending on the experience of the boxers as well as their personal preferences. The biggest boxing bouts are traditionally played in 12 rounds of three minutes each. However, less experienced boxers often take part in bouts of 8, 6 or even 4 rounds.

As you may have guessed, the number of rounds is very important when devising a round betting strategy. When there are fewer rounds, the likelihood of the match being played to the end is greater. The same applies in the opposite case. When boxers are going to fight 12 rounds, the probability of flight to go the distance will be less.

Round Betting Boxing Market

round betting boxing example

A round betting market is available for almost every upcoming boxing match at the most popular betting sites. In the round betting market we place our bet on which exact round the fight will end in no matter if it is a KO, TKO, Decision, Technical Decision or Disqualification. It is important to specify that round betting is offered in addition to the standard ‘either winner’ option, or with the choice to pick a winner, to possibly score a higher payout.

The bookmakers’ odds are different for each round and are determined by the level of the two boxers. Almost always the odds for a win in the first rounds are much higher than in the last rounds, as that is when the chance of a KO is the lowest. One exception is the fights from the beginning of Anthony Joshua’s professional career, when he dominated his opponents and knocked them out by the second round.

Grouped Round Betting Boxing Market

grouped round betting example

Boxing is a sport that can be decided by one punch, making it difficult to predict. History remembers many fights where one boxer dominated but got hit hard and lost the fight. So it’s no big surprise that exact round betting in boxing is very lucrative, but the risk of losing the bet is huge.

Bookmakers are also aware of the risks of the round betting market and therefore offer an alternative to ease their players. It is known as grouped round betting or round group betting. Grouped round betting allows players to place their bet on a combination of rounds. This way, the risk of a possible loss will be drastically reduced.

The most common round combinations are three, four or six (1-3, 4-6, etc. or 1-4, 5-8, etc. or 1-6,7-12). Round group betting in boxing is extremely useful in matches between top boxers when an early KO is not expected in the first six rounds. The same can be said for fights with a clear favorite against a weaker opponent when a quick KO is to be expected.

Total Rounds Market

Total rounds is a traditional betting market when it comes to boxing. By betting on Total Rounds the player gives his guess on how many total rounds will be played. There are always two options for total rounds: above the bookmaker’s suggested line or under. The value of the line is determined by the difference in strength of the two boxers and the expectation of the number of rounds played.

The standard line offered by bookmakers for matches between evenly matched boxers with excellent reputations is 10.5 rounds. If a punter places a bet Over 10.5 rounds, he will guess and win if at least 11 rounds are played. In our example, an alternative bet for Under 10.5 rounds is profitable if a winner is announced before the start of the 10th round.

Flight to Go the Distance Market

Flight to go the distance betting is self-explanatory. While round betting is on exactly which round will produce the winner, flight to go the distance betting is guessing whether all rounds will be played. In most cases, the odds of this betting market are about 10% higher compared to the Over of Total Rounds.

The Best Betting on Boxing Rounds Site

Betting on boxing rounds is available at many UK betting sites, but you’ll find the greatest variety and highest odds at bet365. Unlike its competitors, the British bookmaker offers its round betting players even on boxing gala matches with less prestige. The live streaming of boxing matches and the ability to bet live is also a big advantage of bet365.

Bet365 offers a welcome offer to any new player. Thanks to the promotion, players have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the bookmaker’s platform. In my opinion bet365 has the best betting software, but of course everyone has their preferences. The resulting Bet Credits can be used on round betting in boxing.

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Bout Betting vs Round Betting vs Fight Winner in Boxing

The three most popular boxing betting markets are bout betting, fight winner and round betting. We already know what round betting means, but we haven’t yet addressed the other two markets. Fight Winner means punters have to guess which boxer will win the fight. There are always two options with Fight Winner: Boxer 1 or Boxer 2. Bout Betting means guessing who will win the fight, but gives the player the opportunity to wager on Draw as well (including Technical Draw).

Among the three betting markets, Fight Winner betting has the lowest risk of loss. It is especially suitable for the serious bettor who is looking for more consistent winnings. Because of the added Draw option, bout betting has a higher risk. The biggest potential gains, but also the biggest risk, are in round betting. It is best suited for casuals who want to have fun and add more excitement while watching their favorite sport.

What to Consider When Round Betting in Boxing?

Round betting is among the most complex betting markets to know in combat sports. To win often on round betting in boxing requires a vast knowledge of the sport and a lengthy study of statistics from previous matches. The most important things to consider is the weight class, fighters style, boxing record, and referee reputation.

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